Procedures for making ultralow-density hollow nanoframeworks such as metallic microlattices and aerographites. Note these processes are pretty different from synthesis of classic aerogels.
Methods for making various metal oxide aerogels including those of alumina, transition metal oxides, and lanthanide oxides.
Processes for synthesizing organic aerogels and for pyrolyzing them to make carbon aerogels.
Recipes for making silica aerogel including by subcritical drying.

Una página interesante para leer sobre distintos tipos de aerogeles así como su obtención es

Aerogeles de alúmina. Alumina Aerogels (Epoxide-Assisted)

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  • Aluminum chloride hexahydrate, AlCl3•6H2O
  • Propylene oxide, C3H6O
  • Absolute (200-proof) ethanol, C2H5OH
  • Deionized water

Note: If your propylene oxide comes in a SureSeal® bottle from Aldrich or something like it (has a bottle cap with a diaphragm you have to puncture) you may also need

  • Syringe with a Luer lock connection
  • Needle with coring (sharp) tip, 18-22 gauge
  • Nitrogen gas line with a small needle at the end to backfill bottle


  • Epichlorohydrin
  • Acetone
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